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Wildcats: Grifter, Lord Emp, Maul, Spartan, Void (Adrianna Tereshkova is deceased Void is still alive), Voodoo, Warblade and Zealot.

Wildcats team two: deceased- Condition Red, Ladytron, Mister Majestic, Savant and Tao.

Wildcats honorary team: deceased-Condition Red, Mythos, deceased- Olympia, deceased- Sister Eve, Spartan and Void. Wildcats recruit: deceased- John Colt.

Wildcats team three: Grifter, deceased- Kenyan, deceased- Noir, Spartan, Void and Zealot.

Wildcats Version 3.0: C.C. Rendozzo, Glenn is deceased- Cedric, Glenn, Grifter I, Grifter II, Orange, Spartan and Wax.

Wildcats Worlds End team: Backlash II, Grifter I, Maul, Nemesis, Spartan, Void, Voodoo, Warblade, Zealot


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