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G.I. Joe first saw its inception into the comic world in the 80's it was brought back in 2001 and continues to be a classic

Joe Members on the Active Roster when the title came out 2001

G.I. Joe original roster after team was brought back: Snake-Eyes, Duke, Flint, Scarlett, Roadblock, Shipwreck, Stalker, Gung Ho, Wild Bill, Dusty, Rock 'N Roll, Jinx, Spirit, Tomahawk, Lifeline, Beach Head, Heavy Duty and Daina. New recruits: William "Billy", Firewall, Kamakura, Crosshair, Dart and Mayday.

Joe roster afterwards: Duke, Steeler, Grand Slam, Stalker, Clutch, Scarlett, Short Fuze, Zap, Rock N'Roll and Grunt. Latest Joe recruit: Storm Shadow. G.I. Joe America's Elite: Joe Colton, Hawk, Duke, Scarlett, Snakeyes, Roadblock, Shipwreck, Stalker, Kamakura, Spirit and Sparks. Former members: Flint and Storm Shadow. Reserve Joes: Firewall, Mercer, Tunnel Rat, Lowlight, Covergirl, Airtight, Clutch, Gung-Ho, Rock' N Roll, Jinx, Budo and Snowjob.

Alternate reality Joe roster: Hawk, Scarlett, Doc II, Stalker, Roadblock, Rock N'Roll, Snake Eyes, Beach Head, Mainframe and Airtight. Former member: traitor deceased-Duke.

IDW G.I. Joe: Cover Girl, Doc II, Hashtag, Duke, Quick Kick, Roadblock, Shipwreck and Tunnel Rat. G.I. Joe the Cobra Files: Chameleon II, Flint, Hard Drive, Lady Jaye and Ronin. Former members: deceased- Firewall II and traitor- Tomax. G.I. Joe Special Missions: Beach Head, Low Light, Mainframe, Scarlett and Stalker.  

  Defunct-The Greenshirts: Air, Sea and Ground
The Greenshirts suffered huge casualties in their first battle with Cobra. Because of this they were split into army, navy and air force assault groups. Recently the Joes Greenshirts group were dismantled by the Jugglers. The recruits: deceased- Tony Beuke aka Sneak Peak II, promoted to Joe status-David Adcox, promoted to Joe status-Paige Adams, Crawford and Miller. Greenshirt uniforms: Standard and ground uniform- Greenshirts, Air and Sea greenshirts.

List of Joes: Check list below for pics of reserve Joes (Note reserve Joes team were recently dismantled by the Jugglers. Only overseas teams remain active)
A list of Joes: 0-10 General: Joseph "Joe" Colton 0-10:General Tomahawk. 0-10 General Philip Rey. WO-5:Flint. ?-Duke. E-9:Beach Head. E-4 Corporal Agent Helix. Barrel Roll. Bombstrike. E-4: Pale Peony. O-10: G.I. Joe. O-7:General Flagg. O-6:Colonel Courage. O-5: Sure Fire. O-4: Bullet-Proof, Major Storm, Steeler. 0-3:Grid-Iron, Falcon, Claymore, Gears, Lifeline, Psyche-Out, Rapid-Fire, Updraft, Windmill. O-2: Dogfight, Sub-Zero, Super Trooper. O-1:Thunderwing. WO-4 (CW-4):Wild Bill. WO-2 (CW-2): called back to active reserve duty- Lift-Ticket, WO-4 & E-9Altitude. E-9: called back to active duty- Mercer, Stalker. E-8:Airwave, Big Brawler, Blizzard, Dojo, Double Blast, Drop Zone, Mace, Sgt. Savage, Skydive, Snake-Eyes, Scarlett. E-7: Airborne, Armadillo, Cold Front, Crossfire, Dodger, Hot Seat, Lady Jaye, Long Range, Recondo, Roadblock, Rock 'N Roll, Salvo, called back to active reserve duty- Shockwave, called back to active reserve duty- Snow Job, Spirit, Static Line, called back to active reserve duty- T'jbang, Zap. E-6: Big Ben, (Cross Country is actually E-5) Cross-Country, Effects, Grunt, Iceberg, Low Light, Mirage, Outback, Pathfinder, Repeater, Sidetrack, Short-Fuze, Snow Storm, Tunnel Rat, Whiteout, Windchill. E-5: called back to active reserve duty- Airtight, Alpine, Ambush, Backblast, Banzai, Barbecue, Barricade, Bazooka, Blast-Off, Blowtorch, Budo, Bullhorn, Bushido, Charbroil, Chuckles, Clean-Sweep, Cloudburst, called back to active reserve duty- Clutch, Cover Girl, D-Day, Dial-Tone, Downtown, Dynamite, Dusty, Fast Draw, Flash, Footloose, called back to active reserve duty- Frostbite, Freefall, called back to active reserve duty- Grand Slam, possibly deceased-Hardball, Hardtop, Heavy Duty, Hit & Run, Ice Cream Soldier, Jinx, called back to active reserve duty- Law & Order, Lightfoot, Long Arm, Muskrat, called back to active reserve duty- Mutt, Nunchuck, Ozone, Recoil, Red Dog, Ripcord, Robo-Joe, Rumbler, Sci-Fi, Scoop, Sideswipe, Skidmark, Skymate, Space Shot, Spearhead, Starduster, Steam-Roller, Stretcher, Taurus, T'Gin-Zu, Tollbooth, called back to active reserve duty- Tripwire, Wildcard. O-9: Keel-Haul. WO-5: Torpedo, Wet Down. E-8:Shipwreck. E-7: Deep Six, Tracker. E-6:Topside, called back to active reserve duty- Wet-Suit. E-5:Rampart. O-6:Payload, Ace. O-5:Skystriker. O-3:Countdown, Slip-Stream. E-9:Gung-Ho. E-7:Leatherneck. E-6:Mainframe. 0-4: Cutter. Other Joes: Big Bear, possibly deceased-Glenda, Red Star, Sokerk, Sparta and Tnt.

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Currently defunct-Reserve Members
Not all the Joes were called back to active duty when the team reformed most were put on reserve. Recently the Joes reserve team minus it's overseas teams were dismantled by the Jugglers. 

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The Fallen Joes
Here is a list of Joes that died in action that I am aware of: Pale Peony, Mangler, Thunder, Tracker, Sneak Peak, Crazy Legs, Blaster, Blocker, Cool Breeze, Crank Case, Dee-Jay, Avalanche, Heavy Metal, Knockdown, Maverick, Doc, Quick Kick, General Flagg, Breaker, Mainframe, Flash, Chuckles, Daemon, Lady Jaye, Recondo and Skidmark.

IDW Fallen Joes: Breaker, Chuckles and Jinx.

Defunct-The Oktober Guard: deceased-colonel Brekhov, Daina, deceased-Horrorshow, deceased-Stormavik, deceased-Schrage, deceased-Dragonsky, deceased-traitor-lt. Gorky and deceased-sgt. Misha.

The Jugglers II 1st group: G.I. Joe Colton, deceased-general Flagg, general Sharpe and retired- general Austin. Jugglers II 2nd group: G.I. Joe Colton, Hawk, Sharpe, Keel Haul and general James Longstreet Flagg III.

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