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List of Site Updates

7/4/02   Created page, put up home page image, added guest book, counter and e-mail.
7/6/02   Added Joe logo under title.
3/15/03   Added more Cobra members to the Cobra Roster Page.
5/24/12   Changed Wild-X's G.I. Joe Page to Ronin's G.I. Joe Page. Added on to Ronin's X-Men Home Page.

5/13/13 Updated Ronin's X-Men Movie Fan Site there is now a page dedicated to the X-Men Days of Future Past movie. Added two more characters to the Joe Roster Page. 2008 IDW got the copyrights to G.I. Joe they are currently putting out G.I. Joe issues. Plan on getting on board for the 2013 G.I. Joe titles recaps and rosters will reflect the IDW series.
1/13/16 Removed A Voltron Page, Dragonball Page and Dragonball Z Page. A Harley Quinn Fan Page is now A DC Comic's Fan Page. 5/17/16 A X-Men 2099, New X-Men and Fan Art Page is now The Defenders Fan Page. Pics of the X-Men 2099 team, New X-Men and fan art are still on the page.

All current events in Joe will be noted below
DDPG.I. Joe Vol. 2 #29: Destro made a deal with Sierra Gordo president Delacruz. Dart, Low Light, Recondo and Ripcord observed Destro's troops. Barrel Roll defeated Tomax and Xamot. Doctor Mindbender got the drop on Barrel Roll. DDPG.I. Joe Vol. 2 #30: Baroness sided with Cobra Commander after Destro betrayed Cobra. Sierra Gordo Dart, Low Light, Recondo and Ripcord aided Sierra Gordo soldiers against Destro's troops. Duke captured Destro. Baroness decided not to rescue Destro. DDPG.I. Joe America's Elite #0: A satellite fell in Chicago. Roadblock, Scarlet and Shipwreck responded. Flint, Snake Eyes and Stalker took out a Cobra cell. Joe Colton led the new Joe team. G.I. Joe Vol. 3 #15: Cover Girl, Hashtag, Quick Kick, Roadblock and Shipwreck rescued some of the children. Hashtag left Isaac behind Siren remained behind. Final issue. G.I. Joe: The Cobra Files #9: Chameleon II faced Tomax. Later Flint confronted Tomax. Lady Jaye evacuated the building. Ronin got Billy out of the building. Clockspring detonated the explosives in the building sacrificing himself to stop Tomax's troops. Chameleon II left the G.I. Joe team. Final issue. G.I. Joe: Special Missions Vol. 2 #14: Low Light, Mainframe, Roadblock and Scarlett went on a mission to terminate Cobra soldiers. Mainframe was wounded. Low Light killed a Cobra sniper. Final issue. G.I. Joe a Real American Hero #208: Gerry McArthur, Roadblock, Scarlett and Snake Eyes attacked a Cobra installation they killed a Cobra agent. Joe showed Duke that Serpentor was alive. Copperhead, Firefly and Scrap Iron met with Fred. G.I. Joe A Real American Hero #209: Joe Colton planned to revive Serpentor. Sean Collins became Throw Down. Transformers Vs. G.I. Joe #2: Alpine, Breaker, Clutch, Cover Girl, Heavy Duty, Jinx, Low Light, Quick Kick, Roadblock, Scarlet, Sci Fi, Tunnel Rat and Wild Bill went to Cybetron. Brawn, Perceptor and Wheeljack saw the G.I. Joe team arrive. G.I. Joe defeated Devastator. Cyclonus and Scourge took Brawn and Perceptor hostage. They took them to Megatron who killed Cyclonus. The G.I. Joe team took Wheeljack hostage.   

Updates will be posted here

Celebrating 66,000 plus page views thanks to everyone who continue to view my web page.Added General Joe Colton to the Joe Roster Page. Added A Suicide Squad Page. Removed A Voltron Page, Damian's Dragonball Page and Damian's Dragonball Z Page. Changed A Harley Quinn Fan Page to A DC Comic's Fan Page.


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