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The Cobra organization was started by a disenchanted Cobra Commander after the death of his brother in a car accident. The Commander has lost his grip on reality and seeks revenge on world governments for what he has suffered. He is aided by the arms dealer Destro, Mindbender and others.
Below you will find pics of the three main characters of Cobra and their forces. Cobra Commander, Destro and Zartan.

  Cobra's Hierarchy, Members and Soldiers:
Leader of Cobra:   Cobra Commander. Cobra's Hierarchy: Big Boa, Black Star, Copperhead, Croc Master, Crystal Ball, Desert Scorpion, Dice and Slice, Doctor Minder Bender, Fred VII, Incinerator, Interrogator, Major Bludd, Night Vulture, Over Kill, Rip It, Scalpel, Scrap Iron, Sea Slug, Sky Creeper, Storm Shadow, Tomax and Xamot, Vipra and Wild Weasel. The Coil was slaughtered by the Joes. Defunct-Serpentors soldiers: Fire Fly and Hannibal. Gibb's former lackeys:  Serpentor and deceased- Overlord. The dead: Raptor, and Cesspool. Agents of Cobra: Professor Appel, Dr. Biggles Jones, Knox, Sludge Viper, Scarface, Dr. Venom and Kwinn. Cobra's soldiers: Nightcreepers, Cobra Officers, Crimson Guards, Red Ninjas, Vipers, Aero-Vipers, Air Vipers, Alley Vipers, A.V.A.C., Cyber Vipers, Eels, Flak-Vipers, Frag Vipers, Gyro Vipers, Heat Vipers, Hiss Drivers, Hydro Vipers, Ice Vipers, Laser Vipers, Medi-Vipers, Night-Vipers, Nitro Vipers, Range Vipers, Secto-Vipers, Snow Serpents, Star-Vipers, Strato-Vipers, Techno-Vipers, Tele Vipers, Toxo Vipers and Track Vipers. Cobra-La: leader- Golobulus, Nemesis Enforcer and Pythona. IDW Cobra: Baroness, Cobra Commander (Krake), Destro, Firefly, Major Bludd, Siren, Storm Shadow, Tomax and Zartan. Deceased: Cobra Commander I, Blackout and Xamot.

Cobra's Forces
  Destro's Hierarchy and Soldiers: Leader of the Transcarpathian Arms Dealers: Destro. Destro's hierarchy: Baroness, Crystal-Ball, Annihilator, Darklon, Metalhead, Undertow, Voltar and Wild Boar. Destro's soldiers: Ferrets, Iron Grenadiers and Lampreys. Deceased: Alexander alias Destro II, Lilian alias Mistress Armada and Wraith.

Destro's Forces
  The Dreadnoks: Leader of the Dreadnoks: Zartan. Dreadnok hierarchy: Zandar, Zarana, Zanzibar and Zanya. Dreadnoks: Torch, Buzzer, Ripper, Road-Pig, Thrasher, Monkey Wrench and Heartwrencher.

Zartan's Gang